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Lead and facilitate workshops that focus on health and wellbeing, professional practice, team dynamics, resilience and more.

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Jackie has developed an “at work’ wellbeing programme for organisations to support the ongoing wellbeing of their teams.

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Supervision in Social Work and Clinical settings allows clinicians to review and evaluate the effects of their service delivery on people’s outcomes.

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About Well-being From Work

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Workshops and Supervision

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Group Supervision

A cost effective process for organisations to provide supervision to groups of 5 – 6 people either clinically or professionally. A programme of monthly meetings with the group provides facilitation to discuss clinical and professional Read more…

Management Supervision

As a MBA graduate and executive team member, Jackie focuses on the management process for managers of teams. Jackie has an understanding of employment & performance processes, change management, and health & safety within the workplace. Jackie Read more…

Professional Supervision

This supervision is for those practitioners who are outside of the health or social service sector.  It is similar to the social work model however works with the practitioner to work safely within their professional Read more…

Social Work or Clinical Supervision

Jackie uses a social work model of supervision which includes clinical discussion, wellbeing and professional development. The intent of this supervision is to provide personalised support and discussion about the role and how the person works Read more…

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